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Philippine Coffee Varieties

The Philippines produces mainly Robusta coffee and is one of the few countries in the world where all four varieties of coffee are grown on a commercial scale.  It produces approximately 1.3 percent of the total global coffee production.  Around 89 percent is accounted for by Robusta; 4 percent by Arabica and 7 percent by Excelsa and Liberica.

Robusta is grown in all the main coffee producing areas.  The small quantity of Arabica produced is grown mainly in the higher areas of Northern Luzon.  A higher proportion  of farms in Batangas and Mindanao grown Excelsa and Liberica than elsewhere.

The coffee industry remains optimistic of its potential for growth in spite of price instability.  Price volatility is characteristic of the coffee market and those who are in the industry especially the farmers have grown accustomed to this.  Supply and demand dictate its price in the world market as is true for most agricultural commodities.

In the past, it has been proven that the Philippine Coffee is acceptable in the world market.  Philippine Cavite Robusta which is better than the Indonesian Robusta EK-1, was used in the blends of most known American and German instant coffees.  The Philippines’ roast / ground and soluble / instant coffee has found markets abroad and continue to receive repeat orders.  Singapore imports our instant coffee in bulk of 20-kilo bags which they repack and re-export to other countries.  United Arab Emirates imports our Excelsa/Liberica in green form, roasts the beans and mixes them with spices such as cardamum, cinnamon and other local spices and sells them to other Middle East countries. 
At the Hannover Fair ’98, visitors to the Philippine Pavilion were very much impressed by our Philippine “Barako” which was served free in the coffee bar.  Local specialty coffee shop operators, which has recently proliferated in most of the city’s shopping malls, are proud to use Philippine Arabica in their gourmet coffee and their customers notice no difference from imported Arabica.

Truly, the Philippine Coffee has gain worldwide acceptance and has become one of the major suppliers of coffee in the world market.

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